How to buy bonds in Ukraine

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In this article, we will describe how to buy bonds in Ukraine and why it is beneficial. You will also learn how to properly buy bonds on the stock exchange, what points an investor should pay attention to.

How to buy bonds

Bonds are purchased in Ukraine with the help of a broker. The easiest methods of purchase are considered to be purchases through the "Diya" portal or Monobank. But in this case, you will have a limited choice of bonds and functionality.

Therefore, it is best to contact a professional broker for large amounts of investment. It will provide you with a complete list of possible bond actions and all bond issues available on the market.

How to properly buy bonds on the stock exchange

The purchase of bonds on the stock exchange is carried out by a broker. Only the following information is required from the investor:

  • how many bonds to buy;
  • what bonds to buy.

A professional broker, in turn, will provide all available information to his client and help him decide on the choice of bond issue that suits him best.

We share information on how to buy bonds — the purchase algorithm looks like this:

  1. An investor who has concluded an agreement with a broker and has a securities account with a depository institution, sends a purchase request to his broker and transfers the amount of the transaction to his account at the brokerage institution.
  2. The broker, in turn, executes a transaction and buys securities on the client's securities account. If the depository institution and the broker are one person, the broker provides a statement from the securities account, which will show the purchased securities. If the broker and the depository institution are different, then the broker provides a report on the purchase of bonds and the investor can independently request a statement of the state of the securities account from his depository institution.

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Why should you buy bonds

Bonds should be bought immediately for several reasons:

  • it is a more profitable and more flexible investment instrument than deposits, at the same time, it is often not inferior to, and sometimes superior to, deposits in terms of safety;
  • dependence on the stock market is rather weak;
  • low level of possible risk;
  • the investor has the opportunity to sell his bonds at any time.

Important: buy bonds in such a way that you can sit” in them until maturity. At the same time, to maximize profit, you should maximize the term. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose the longest possible period in which you will be comfortable.

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Frequently asked questions: how to buy bonds correctly

What are the best bonds to buy in 2023

In the current year, it is better to buy bonds with the longest maturity.

What bonds are the most reliable

Basically, the most reliable bonds in Ukraine are bonds of the domestic state loan, they are OVHZ.

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